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I want to make terrariums for my Christmas gifts this year but im not sure how to do it. Answered

I want to make terrariums for my Christmas gifts this year but im not sure how to do it. i was thinking of using mason jars but im not sure of the right mix of things to put into them before closing them up. Has anyone ever done this before or have any thoughts on the right mix of dirt and moss and grass to place inside the jar?


you can go to your local salvation army and find hords of cheap glass vessels for awsome terrarium's. when i do a terrarium I use the following ingredients.your first layer should be pebbles for proper drainage. the next layer is long fiber spaghnum moss.this will keep your dirt from mixing with everything else.then on top use dirt or whatever strikes your fancy for a proper growing medium.

I remember in elemtary school that we made them for mothers day,  You may be able to go to the plant store or nursery or which ever they may call it where you live and talk to one of the sales people.  There is premixed soil combinations for cacti, perrenial, bonsai, etc etc. and they could probably best direct you to the correct mixture that is already done in a bag.  

The containers we used were two 2L pop bottles.  The base was the bottom 3" or 4" of the first pop bottle  and the top was the second pop bottle turned upside down with just the taper and bottle cap cut off.   If makes for a nice clear veiw of what's inside.

Have you tried <a href="https://www.instructables.com/tag/?q=terrarium&limit%3Atype%3Aid=on&type%3Aid=on&type%3Auser=on&type%3Acomment=on&type%3Agroup=on&type%3AforumTopic=on&type%3AforumTopic=on&sort=none">this search</a>?<br />

Probably something like 1 part store-bought dirt, 1 part peat moss, and a dash of sand and pebbles. You really can't go wrong.