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I want to make the the star above our sanctuary move across its horizontal wire by remote control.Any ideas out there? Answered



What have you got here?
If we knew the star and the wire we might be better placed to answer this.


Hi lemonie,
Thanks for responding,

Please see my reply to Re-design above..  Would br grateful for any assistance.


Yes that helps.
You know, I made a cable-car system out of Lego once. I can give you a picture, but I'd have to build it again for full instruction.



REplace the wire with a cord around two pulleys.  On of the pulleys is motor controlled.  Your control controls the motor and that way you can achieve what you are needing.

Or hide a r/c receiver, battery and motor in the star.  The motor needs a wheel that will roll along the wire so that it pulls the star along.  You control the star with the r/c transmitter.

Or the star slides along the wire.  You have an assistant on each side of the stage.  THey pull on a monofilament line that hooks to the star and by coordinated action they can control the stars movement.

Hi re-design,  Thanks vm for coming back so quickly and sharing your ideas. .The star which is made up of christmas tree lights is suspended from the wire cable by nylon ties. The electrical cable hangs down and goes the mains socket. The star hangs by nylon ties and can be pulled left or right using a pulley sytem at each end. The pully cords are secured to the main wire by paper clips. I have needed a person at each end ( 16 - 17 metre gap) to manovere the star backwards and forwards.  From what you are suggesting I understand that the motor is fixed to the main cable at one end  and the drive wheel of the motor pulls the star forward or does it pull itself along the cable.  (This is the option I think would be the best.  Would it be possible to regulate the speed. What motor would be best. 
I've looked everywhere and I'm surprised that there is no toy produced that is like a cable car....  it would be such fun to set up something like this in a room and  send small objects( lego men for instance)  up and down.

Anyway back to my project, I would be grateful for further ideas and examples


It should only take a small dc motor and that can be speed controlled and reversed when necessary.  You might be able to find a motor out of an old toy.  If you can find one with a gear to slow it down some then the motor can run at max torque.  Maybe an electric car.