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I want to make useful stuff that people need and will buy. I'm looking for a good way to earn money. Any ideas? Answered


Greeting cards would be a good idea to earn more money as in holiday season people tend to buy a lot of them. You can even sell on wholesale or in retail shops

I like to suggest some traditional but effective techniques to make money.

You should launch postcard campaign by sending colorful and attractive postcards to your prospective customers as well as your new customers.

You may achieve 7-5 % conversion rate though this campaign.

Why not try postcard printing services online then try to re-sell these postcards? You can have them custom made if you want. Online stores sell these stuff in less expensive prices. Plus, almost every month, there's a reason for people to buy postcards. For instance this February, many will surely look for them for Valentine's.

Print some money.  Everybody loves that stuff!

Funny. I wish that's really possible though.

But how much will it cost? A $ per $? (£ for £)...

Learn to make long bows.  It requires very little tools, your supplys are free (if you live close enough to the woods), and traditional boyering is a dying trade.  Compound bows are cheap, and more mass produced.  But people will still pay good money for a well hand crafted long or short bow. In the advanced stages you can learn the art of horn bow making.  these can sell for $2,000 + if your good.  Supply and demand is really the final answer.

Learn how to repair lawnmowers ( it really is simple) !  I used to charge $30 to get one runnin' and it usually takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minuites dependin' on what is wrong ,  and that was if did not have to use any new parts !

yer tool kit (1/4" drive socket set ,  vise grips and 2 screwdrivers ) can fit in a roll and be carried on a bicycle if that is all you have !!


8 years ago

You could start up an IKEA furniture building service.  For some reason people seem to have a lot of trouble building IKEA furniture (personally, I enjoy it very much). 

You could even offer to "upgrade" the furniture with extra glue and fasteners, so that the stuff doesn't fall apart within a few years.  For instance, I always glue together drawers on stuff I build.

Startup costs would be extremely low, perhaps a ratchet and a set of hex bits to make it easier on yourself.  And, some glue and screws if you do the upgrade thing.  Charge based on number and size of pieces.  It doesn't matter if you don't have a car because you can carry everything you need in a backpack.

Good luck!

Also, don't limit yourself to IKEA - nearly every department store, hardware store, office store and even some grocery stores sell "flat pack" furniture.  They're just as confusing for people to build.

To add value to this idea you could do a collect and build... You could infact do the shopping arrange the shipping and building and just add a percentage to the IKEA price.


8 years ago

A good way to find out what people want, and are willing to pay for, is to have a look at your local internet classifieds.  For example: here we have Gumtree.co.za  Look under the Wanted goods in the General/Stuff category. 

You'll be suprised what people are willing to pay for.

Do you have any hobbies or skills that might give us a clue about what kind of thing you might be interested in?

Ask people around you "what would you find useful, if you could buy it for (name a price)?". Get your potential customers to tell you.


If you look at past answers to similar questions here, you'll see that they boil down to "If we had an easy answer, don't you think we'd already be doing it?"

Find a need that you can meet well. Find the customers. Market to them.

Or make what you can make and like to make, advertise it, and hope that's enough for the customers to find you.

Succeed. Or fail and try again. Or let someone else take the risks and work as an employee.

It really doesn't get much simpler, or much more complex, than that.