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I want to make wall tiles out wooden blocks/paper - is decoupage best? How should I seal it? Answered

I have tons of vintage paper.. and tons of 4 x 6 wooden blocks - I want to make wall tiles... i sanded the tiles, and I think I should decoupage the paper to the tiles and then seal it??? Sound best?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Yes, a good decoupage method is just what you need to attach the paper to the wood. To seal it, I suggest using any clear coat that's compatible with your decopage glue. To name drop, I think we used Polycrylic and Mod Podge for our last project. What's your intended use? Are you planning to install the finished tiles in a grouted-tile wall (definitely not recommended)? Are you planning to hang them individually? Do you have some other plan?


9 years ago

Hey Guardian - Never really thanked you - this works perfectly.  The tiles are to hang individually (mostly in a grouping) as decoration - I will post some pictures and instructions when I get more done.   Thanks again!