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I want to manufacture radiator coolant for vehicles. Pleae tell me the process. Answered

in ur ans in yr 2010 u ve mentioned about the dye.. what kind of dye is requierd ?? 



sir i wanna make coolant, plz tell me how can i make this.

am living in the Bahamas very hot weather just about all the time

Thanks for the information its very helpful

The dye is the least important ingredient, at least from a practical standpoint. Mostly you want a compound that can to lower the melting(freezing) point, of the solvent water, but without making a mixture that will be corrosive to the metal engine. 

(For example, sodium chloride, salt, mixed with water would lower the melting(freezing) point of the mixture, but it would also corrode the engine.)

The Wikipedia article on antifreeze,
reveals that most of recipes out there are a mixture of water, and some organic, polar solvent that is miscible with water. 

Usually that solvent is an alcohol, and in my home country, the Former United States, that alcohol is usually ethylene glycol.

Rick says propylene glycol, but he lives in some English-speaking island country somewhere in the North Atlantic, and propylene glycol might actually be main ingredient in their antifreeze, since they often do things differently there.

What I'm saying is:  ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, even glycerol, these will all work, mixed with water, as antifreeze.

The recipe may also include some corrosion inhibitors, and also as you have mentioned, dye.

I have no idea what the dye is for.  Maybe just to make it look unnatural, just so people won't confuse it with water, or something good to drink. 

BTW, it has a sweet taste, but whatever it is made out of, you probably don't want to drink more than just a taste.

Also, for all the virtual tourists reading this post, I thought I'd add a closeup picture of a label from a bottle of antifreeze purchased from a big-box retailer the FUS.  As you can see from the warning blurb, this product contains:  ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol, sodium 2-ethylhexanoate, and sodium neodecanoate. 

The warning label just tells you that these "dangerous" ingredients are part of the recipe, and this list likely exists to satisfy some mysterious legal requirement.  Any "harmless" ingredients not required to be mentioned here, are of course, not mentioned. I am guessing the dye is one of these harmless ingredients.


Out of curiosity why do you want to make it?
I don't think there's a lot of money in that market as it's pretty cheap as it is and none of the car companies are going to switch their contracts for default coolant for stuff made by somebody at home. If it's for personal use it's almost certainly going to be cheaper to just buy it. If it's for the sheer heck of it, more power to you.

No ideas where you live but The normal antifreeze additive is Glycol. The colour isn't essential only to stop people drinking it.
As for making it I can't do better than point you at