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I want to mod by headphones to be like beats Answered

I have a pair of skull candy headphones and the wire connecting that connects the headphones to my ipod ripped!!! Instead of buying a new pair of headphones I wanted to be able to use a line in kind of cable (like beats by Dr. Dre does) to connect it to my ipod. How can I mod the headphones so I will be able use a line in cable? please help!!!



Best Answer 6 years ago

You're going to need to pop it open and put a Jack inside, soldered to what is left of the cable which broke off. I can't really help more unless I get a picture of the headphones you have


Note to author: beats isn't the only brand that does that... as a matter of fact, I believe Sennheiser came up with the idea originally. Beats is actually a very poor quality in my opinion, especially considering the money you spend on them. The next time you buy headphones, look into either AKG or Sennheiser. You may not like the sound at first (to the un-trained ear, the deep bass is very appealing), but once you get used to a full frequency spectrum, you will never go back. Also, another brand to consider is Bose, but they are pretty expensive. I do consider them to be the best of the best when it comes to headphones and most speakers, but most of the time I can't afford them. :)

+1; I completely agree. I cringe whenever I see someone sporting a pair of beats; they're more of a fashion statement than audio gear. Why pay $160 for flimsy headphones with heavy and muddy bass?

Well your first language isnt english or you are young.
Either way what you are asking is an easy Task.
Asking a simple question like this means that you want a step by step instructable with pictures.
It also means you are going to destroy your headphones.
IT means you will have to locate a female audio jack.

If you get one, your gonna want to take the "wire that connects the headphones to ipod" - inspect it and notice there are two wires, - attach those two wires to your female audio jack.

This means soldering the wires to the jack, I assume you dont have soldering skills or an iron.

Solution: Just fix the cord.

Solution 2: Learn a 65$ lesson and give it a go.

1) your right... I'm 14 (I am young)
2) I do have a soldering iron but i suck at soldering
3) i actually accomplished what I set out to do (but 2 minutes later, I destroyed them by accidentally ripping the wires out)
4) do you know where or how I can connect the red blue and copper wires back to the speaker? Help would be greatly appreciated.

I like being right :P

Connecting the "red blue copper wires" back -

Where: Your gonna have to look for where inside the headphones that you pulled the wires off, if its the speak then

How: Time to learn soldering - Tape is extremely bad idea - Tape + Hot Glue will work if you cant solder the wires back.

extra Help: The polarity (red and blue) of the wires matters. You will still get sound anyway you attach the wires but, if you do it backwards, so will be the sound - Meaning, If you played a song that was a train passing you from Left to right - if you switched the wires, the train sound would go from Right to left.