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I want to modify an electric wheelchair to use tracks. It's for an obese family member who lives on a farm. Answered

I need to modify a bariatric powerchair with tracks.  I know the driveline will need to be modified as well as the electronics.  I realize there are chairs made like that (tankchair) but at 20 grand, it's out of reach.  Does anyone have any idea on how and where to begin?



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I did a simple Google search for "off-road wheelchair" and got lots and lots of useful hits. Try it yourself, or take a look at this device


The company is claiming $10k rather than $20k. One of the main reasons the prices are so high is that these devices are often paid for, wholly or partially, by medical insurance (part of the vicious cycle of rising healthcare costs).

They also tend to be expensive because they are small-volume products, so there is less economy of scale.

If you want to build one yourself, use these devices as a guide for what to consider in building. They need to be extremely reliable and durable, which will also make building one expensive. Good luck!

I do recall Top Gear did an episode where they built rugged mobility scooters on the cheap. It might also be an informative watch for this project.

tracks are very inneficient. i advise putting the obese farmer on a diet

Some people are not fat because they eat too much and no amount of dieting will help!


5 years ago

I would look into the tracks that movie makers quickly put up for their
cameras to make smooth rolling traveling shots on a subject target.
Look into "Grip" equipment supply and rental.

I do not want to offend, But is there a chance that your
obese family member  may be getting even heavier before you
finish this very thoughtful project.


I think the author is using "tracks" to mean "caterpillar treads", like on construction equipment or a tank.

Your right !

Not the first time I went off on the wrong track :)

Try another train of thought? :p

I suspect this isn;t going to be all that valuable but it shows what you can do

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