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I want to play my MP3 player in my car so that I can hear the music I want to hear. Answered

I have talked to several friends about the different ways to do this and basically have learned that I either use a cassette converter of an FM transmiter. Well I decided to go the cassette route however when I put the cassette in my car tape player and connect my MP3 player, no music. The cassette makes a sound like its rolling some tape (kind of like when you use a cassette tape cleaner) and then after about 15 seconds it ejects. I thought maybe it was the MP3 cassette I bought so I went and bought a second MP3 cassette of a different brand and motre expensive and it does the same thing. Am I to beieve that the MP3 cassette converter is not an option for me? Should I now go out and purchase the FM transmiter? My car stereo/tape player is a good one as I have a BMW and tapes play fine so what is the problem? Do I need to buy another MP3 cassette only this time spend even more money? I've seen some that are $25, the two I bought were $5.99 and $9.99 but no music :( Any ideas??


I have car tape without FM, it has only SW1,SW2 and AM.

So guide me how i can play my MP3 player over this.


One solution I found that works with no wires involved is a Fake Cassette that has all the electronics to be a rechargable MP3 player built in - no wires works realy well and remembers where you where in your play listhttp://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.10203 costs $16 delivered !

It might sound strange but have you tried 'reversing' your adapter when it's in the player using the auto-reverse function. In my car by pressing the fastforward and reverse buttons together you can play the other side of a cassette without physically ejecting. If I'm using an adapter and playing the wrong side of it then it does exactly what you described.. but if I 'reverse' it then it works fine. worth a try maybe


9 years ago

The problem is the tape deck is not sensing a tape in the adapter, and it 'thinks' the tape is either jammed or has reached the end, so it ejects it. An FM transmitter is probably your only solution, short of installing an aftermarket stereo that has native MP3 support or at least an aux-in feature. I bought a Scosche FM-MOD01 to play MP3s in my car. The FM-MOD01 differs from most 'transmitter' products in that it splices directly into the antenna lead of your car's stereo, eliminating problems of interference and weak signal. Installation isn't difficult, usually, and it works well. My only complaint is that the MP3 player's output signal is kind of weak and the music isn't quite as loud as I'd like.


9 years ago

Use an FM transmitter, forget about the cassette adapter. Probably the least expensive place to get a decent FM transmitter is www.dealextreme.com; be sure to look for one that plugs directly into the iPod's long conenctor on the bottom, and that also charges the iPod using a cig lighter adapter.