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​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A. Answered

I have a12v 1.5A  transformer.
​I want to produce DC 12V 5A from AC 12V 1.5A.
Is it possible?
If its possible than tell me HOW?


Sorry, but it can't work. For simplicity, let's change the 12V 1.5A AC to 18 watts, and the 12V 5A DC to 60 watts. You will blow up your transformer if you try to pull 42W over the limit.

No, it isn't possible

Your grasp of electricity isn't good enough. Voltage, current and resistance are linked (Ohms Law) changing one changes the others.

You can't practically increase the output current without having more input current. Buy a new transformer.

If that could work we would not need power plants providing us with overpriced electricity.
It is the same for a plank of wood: No matter how much you cut off, it will always be too short ;)

The usual recipe for a DC power supply, from low-voltage AC from a transformer is:

transformer + rectifier + filter capacitor + linear voltage regulator

And you can read more about that from the usual sources,



Regarding the numbers you have given, those numbers will not work, at least not in a continuous sense (i.e. not without storing up energy, then using it in short bursts).

The reason why is because you are asking for more output power than input power, specifically, you want (12 V)*(5 A) =60 W output, from only (12 V)*(1.2 A) = 14.4 W input.

So, yeah. Where is the other 45.6 watts going to come from?