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I want to put casters on a black pipe table base. Want clean look without a wood base or welding. Answered

Has anyone added casters to black pipe furniture or shelving?  Ideally this would be without having to add on a wood base for a good clean look.  Welding is also out of my skill set. 



Best Answer 6 years ago

I've done this many times. First, clean the inside of the pipe with acetone -- you only have to clean about 3 inches of it. Cut a piece of hardwood dowel, coat it with epoxy glue, and drive it into the end of the pipe. If the dowel is too big, shave it down until it can be driven in. Let the epoxy cure for the recommended time, then drill a hole in the center to accept the shaft of the caster.

Sounds doable. Will give it a try, thanks.

Absolutely perfect answer. I've done the exact same thing. Works best if the hole is drilled so that the caster shaft is perfectly vertical.


2 years ago

I've always had an aversion to DIY techniques to this problem, because nearly all techniques do not look very nice, or are not very stable or precise (in my opinion - I'm a bit of an OCD perfectionist)

So I was glad to learn that companies now produce expanding stem adapters that are made for this exact purpose. You can get them from companies like Grainger

What kind of "black pipe" are you referring to? Can you upload a photo?

"Black pipe" is steel pipe usually used for gas lines and found in the plumbing section of your hardware store. It has a black coating and comes in various lengths or can be cut and threaded to your exact length. You will also find elbows, tees and other fittings displayed there.

You can also just drill a hole through the pipe where you want the caster, then put the caster bolt through the hole with a washer on both the bottom and top and finish it off with a nut.