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I want to quiet a loud portable 5KW generator? Answered

I know about adding a larger muffler but I do not want to reduce the engines power by restricting the flow and that is only half the noise issue, the other half is the mechanical noise from the engine.. I have seen the sound deadening generator enclosures / shelters for them to run in but they coast 800 and up. I cannot find any plans to build one myself . Anyone know where I can find plans for one or have other suggestions?


Well if you put together a large muffler with a lot of deadening material but increased size to keep gas flow the same it should help. You could make an enclosure out of a simple box like structure with intake and exhaust ducts and use the same sound deadening materials used underneath car bonnets (hoods) to help with the mechanical noise, though see how the muffler goes before committing to the enclosure because it might deaden it enough for you needs...

seriously, just buy a better Honda generator, I have the Honda eu 6500, and I can be 1 house away and still hear the guys cheap generator 5 doors down over mine. I bought 5 years ago, we have allot of power outages where we are, the people who skoffed at me spending the extra money on the honda are the same people who now come over with there empty 50 gallon water tanks (were all on well water around here)because there cheap one broke during the 4 day blackout we had, or could not get it started on one of the smaller blackouts. Allot of the cheap generators are really desighned to work a couple hundred hours MAX while the honda commercial ones are designed for 10,000 or so and mine can run sensitive stuff like computers, plasma TVs and electron furnaces and its QUIET, it takes 1/2 the gas as the cheap one, I have it running within 5 feet of the house outside doorwall, running all night. I have it running thru a panel, after 3 years I liked it so much I bought a tri-fuel kit for it and run it off my natural gas line from generatorsales.com.
I used to, and I have seen so many people spend so much money trying to improve a cheap generator, only to have the actual generator part of it break within a 100 hours.
Just being honest. Good Luck

And by the way, most honda generators are mostly built at the North Carolina Swepsonville plant

This is a tricky one. I've been asked to design one for my neighbour... and I just bought a 6000 watt propane genny... so I'll be making two! There is limited DIY out there on the net. I will try to remember to share my findings as well as photos of my design when finished. Cheers, Beaveringaway

Probably too late for your needs, but I built a permanent enclosure around my generator. Time permitting I will do an instructable,

sod house. essentially bury it. Build a frame out of treated lumber and sheath it with more treated lumber, cover that with impermeable membrane; heavy mylar or similar, and build a mound over it on three sides, say a foot deep at its thinnest, with the vent door pointed away from wherever it is that you will be. idk, just off the top of my head. plant grass on the mound to keep it from washing away. You could also bury it in a generator cellar, but that's even more work and depending on your local, water table, and weather, might require a sump pump. finally, put the generator as far from you as possible. Will require investing in heavier gauge leads to reduce lead loss.

the last part was already said though so don't give me credit on that count.

Move the generator away from where you are at.