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I want to remove or lighten the colour of some artifical flowers. What dye remover can I successfully use? Answered

 The artifical flowers are synthetic fabric. I have soaked in diluted bleach but there was no difference in colour at all. I want to give them a more vintage look.



8 years ago

Depending on time limits..., leave them in full sun! I know that that works!

(Send them to Oz- we can have them sun bleached in 9.6 seconds at the moment!!).

Good point. I was assuming that we were looking for a quick fix, but UV exposure will definitely do the job.

This.  Shove them in the back window of your car.  It'll take a couple months, but there will be a definite difference.

If they are made of the same acetate fabric as most artificial flowers, they won't bleach at all. Your best bet is either spray paint or dip them in diluted acrylic paint to mute the colors. Possibly a combination of the two.