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I want to run my well pump completely off solar panels Answered

The well pump is currently hocked to a designated 15 amp 220 breaker in my main panel
the pump specs mention that the maximum amps required  is 59.
I wanted to run solar power to a dedicated panel box with breakers etc
the line for the  pump would be 15 amp 220 as it is now
WHAT SIZE SOLAR PANELS WOULD BE REQUIRED plus what other materials are necessary???
Thank You



7 years ago

Actually, you could store water in a cistern or tank, rather than storing electricity in batteries, as long as you could use gravity to supply it. No batteries would be needed, cutting costs and maintenance. The pump could just top off the tank whenever the sun was out...

They'll still need to run that huge pump though, and pressurise their water system.

I was hopeful that they'd have a big enough tank, and enough fall, to gravity feed it.

I know this is an old thread but I wanted to add to the discussion. The size of the take isn't what you need to pressurize the system. You need altitude. For every foot of elevation you get .42 psi. Normal residence pressure is about 40-45 psi so you would need a tank 100ft high to create 42 psi. That is why most water towers are a small diameter tube that goes up to the tank ranging from 100-350ft.

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That depends very greatly on how long the pump runs over a good long period. You''ll have to use batteries to store energy for when its dark, or dismal.

Work out how long that pump runs for and we can work something out.


I don't want to store water in a tank etc. I want the pump to operate as it does now but changing over to solor power.
The pump only comes on when we turn on a faucet etc.
I would assume it's on no more than 3-4 hours per day total.
Is it possible to supply solar power without involving batteries???

Could I connect it as part of the main house electric and use main electric
when the solar is insufficient.
I want to be able to add to this solar system once I can get this project to

You need too much power to practically run the pump - that pump needs up to 13kW to run it, and a panel that big will cost many thousands of dollars - especially since it will only do that in full sunshine. Storing energy saves you a lot of expense.

How did you come up with the 13kw figure I'm new to this Thanks

220Volts x 60 Amps ~ 13,000 W = 13kW.
Its a transient, its only needed for a fraction of a second as the pump spins up to speed, but it HAS to be supplied by the system, or the pump will burn out.


Simply put, the components you would need to make this system are the solar array, a charge regulator, an AC inverter, a battery bank plus odds and ends like wire and fuses. It's not practical or cost effective to just run the pump just off solar.