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I want to send my husband food two states over. what are the best baked goods to send? Answered

Specifically ones that will keep and remain delicious. I live in Georgia and he is training in Mississippi. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



9 years ago

Agreed that drier baked goods will ship better. Homemade biscotti would be excellent, and will help perk up the mediocre coffee he's sure to be stuck with. Chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies ship well because their moisture is tied up with lots of fat; just be sure to put them in plastic baggies with a paper towel so they don't grease up the box. ;) Also: dried fruit and jerky are awesome treats, and ship well. They can be a nice alternative (or supplement) to baked goods.

Anzac cookies were invented for this! It's an acronym for Australia New Zealand Army Corps and they got this name because they were invented by the wives of the corpmen as an answer to this problem. Give'm a google for a recipe. There are many variations to be found so look for more authentic ones. The ones that got me hooked were sold at an expresso stand my boyfriend and I would go to. They huge and hearty. We'd share one and be full for half a day working hard.

Choose dry-er cookies and pastries. Avoid icings (although you can send a store-bought container of icing if it's nessecary). Avoid also anything with meats (such as a ham and chese loaf) unless you can send it with some ice packs and he can refridgerate it. Also avoid including fruits and berries unless you know the package is going to arrive within a few days and that he'll be able to eat it right away. Nuts, chocolate chips, etc will be fine. I suggest cookies, muffins, cinamin buns, breads, rolls, etc. For cookies: Simple cookies like peanut butter, shortbread, oatmeal, or chocolate chip cookies seem to keep best.