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I want to set up a carbonation system for making soda. What stores can I go to in order to get the necessary materials? Answered

I'm looking for a local store to find the materials I need (hoses, regulators, pressurized container). Specifically, I guess some type of chain store (I doubt any of you know the local stores where I live). I checked Ace Hardware and Home Depot, but neither had the stuff I need.


How much soda do you want to make at a time? If it's just a liter or so, you can still get "siphon bottles" which are pressurized with a CO2 cartridge. They do work. If you're looking for something more professional: Ask a local restaurant or bar that has a soda fountain who their supplier is, and/or look for a restaurant that's going out of business and offer to take theirs off their hands? Syrup cannisters are refillable... or you can just dispense seltzer and add your preferred syrup at the glass rather than in the line.

try a bulk liquor store or a food service equipment store.

Or way easier.... Buy some dry ice it often comes with instructions on making soda.