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Entry for the gift exchange Answered

My skills include: cooking, sewing, sculpting, zookeeping / herpetology, painting, puppet-making, electronics hacks for Halloween
Here's a link to my featured Instructable:https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-a-bird-feeder-into-a-wild-bird-waterer/
What I'd like to make for someone:
I love gift exchanges but I lived in apartments for many years, so I know that sometimes it is best to receive a memorable but consumable gift.

For my gift entry, I will create special chocolates from a custom sculpture designed for the recipient.  I have been casting art in chocolate for several years.  First, I make a sculpture using special food-safe clay.  Then I take a mold using special food-safe silicon mold material.  And finally, I cast the sculpture in chocolate, using powdered sugar as a mold release. 

You tell me what the recipient likes and I'll make the sculpture to match their interests.  I can also cast one piece in acrylic if that would be desirable, so the recipient will have a memento after the chocolates are eaten.  Note, however that after I cast with acrylic, the mold will be unusable for food, so it will all be a one-of-a-kind food art experience.  Transient, impermanent, never to be repeated.

This process is incredibly flexible, so use your imagination.  Imagine a big chocolate Cthulhu surrounded by little chocolate Cthulhu minions.  Or a flight of diminutive chocolate butterflies.  Or a bust of lincoln. Actually, I don't think I'm that good a sculptor.  Maybe I could do Beethoven.

I already have created molds for large and small Venus of Willendorf, several small calaveras, a tiny bite-sized penis, a delicate dragonfly, several sizes of scarab beetle, an ammonite fossil, and a large spider.  I can send a box of any of those, or create a new one.   The Venus of Willendorf are very popular with my friends.  The ammonite fossils were a hit at the office. 

What design would you like?

I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): (S,M,L) S or M (I don't think I could refrigerate L sized chocolate for a trip in the mail.)
I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: I don't want anything larger than a hat rack, unless it is for outside.
What I like: Art, light toys, knitted Cthulhu beasties, things that have been made more useful than the original designer intended
What I don't like: Things made from trash that still look like trash
I absolutely can't have: (due to allergies, pets, etc) No foods except for unflavored chocolatey chocolate.  No herbal concoctions, soaps, essential oils, or anything like that.  I have lots of plant and food allergies.
Type of thing I'd love to receive: wall art, light toys, sculpture, anything with a zombie theme, anything that has been more useful than the original designer intended
Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? No, because I will have to ship the chocolates with dry ice and I'm just not sure they would let me do that, plus it would all melt sitting in customs and be a big unattractive lump by the time it arrived.
Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian:  I am older than 18.
(opt) Here's someone who can keep a secret that knows what I like, in case you want to PM them with questions:

I will cast a few chocolates today and post better photos later.


those are cool

I made chocolates yesterday but forgot to post the photos until now. The white powdery stuff you see in the pictures is powdered sugar that is used for the mold release. It makes them even more delicious. Those shown are dark chocolate, about 60%. Very potent. :)

Mike I would change the @ in your mail adres to "at" spambots easily pick your email adres up from sites. So if you don't want annoying spam I would change it :)

Thanks very much. I took his email out completely. I thought the forum to enter the gift exchange was only visible to Instructables staff, hence the special link in the how to enter instructions. Why is this public anyway? I'm discussing private info like my allergies in a public forum. !? I guess I'd better edit some more.

Well I don't think a hitman that is after you will change to potato weapons all of the sudden but yeah this is public :p

Well it's mostly for convience, other members who participate in the exchange can comment that they want to trade with you. This makes the organisation of the exchange alot easier for the staff. Also it gives other people a boost to follow the 56 people who are enterd now to enter in the contest :)

Nope, you're right. The hit man that's after me is much more likely to use a machine gun, flamethrower, or an air to surface missile. It's still weird and funky to find out that you plastered your private medical information all over a public website. I didn't realize participants get to choose their trades. So all of those posts titled Gift Exchange that I ignored probably aren't questions about it, they are entries that I should look at. hmmm...

You know how expensive flamethrower fuel is these days? I'm sorry but your not a big enough contracthit, so I can't afford to kill you in that way. I'll probably go with something like "accidently fallen on hedgecutters" or something like that... Wait did I just write that or think that? Oh nevermind, anyway yeah all those other topics are people who have entered to. So yeah check those out and leave reply's to the ones you like :) And could you not lock your shed in the future?