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I want to simulate the passive security of a car.How can I do it? Answered

I have a little idea about how I want this to look like and what to do.
I intend to have an impact sensor, something to simulate the airbags (some kind of blinking led and something to make a sound, to simulate the explosion of the airbag without harming anyone), 2 pre-tensioned seatbelts (I don't know if I have to use new ones or it's ok to use some old ones from a crashed car).And very important , I don't know how to decide what "brain" to use for the project, what microcontroller I should use.Maybe I can use some leds to show certain states : the seatbelt is on/off, etc.I know I need a program and an interface witch allows me controll this circuit and show how it works.
I want to build this for the students in a lab of Automotive Electronics, to make it easyer for them to learn about how it works a passive security circuit in a car.
I don't know what components do I have to use and how to make it work just the way I want.


Directly no micro controller can drive heavy duty items BUT fortunately there are ways to interface these things t the micro controller. i strongly suggest you go to www.picaxe.com and read their PDF manuals to get an idea of what is possible even if you don't use them in the end.

thanks for the suggestion.I'll read them tonight.
I guess baybe I should simulate even the seatbelt circuit with some motors or something.I'm still thinking about this idee, to make a simple project but the students to understand what represents the passive security and how it works.
And if I use something to replace the seatbelt circuit maybe I can use Arduino and simplify the project.
What do you think about this?

You can make life a little easier by making a model so you can use smaller motors and perhaps LEDS to indicate the functions.

And I'm thinking about some buttons instead of the seats, so when someone sits down a led will blink to warn him to put his seat belt.If there is nobody on the seat you don't need to use the seatbelt for that seat and the led will be off.

After the new years party I'll try to simulate the circuit in LabView

This project is so exciting, I have new ideas every day :)

Have a great new year and thanks for the help!

Plan your ideas out on paper even if at present you don't know HOW it will work at least you know WHAT it needs to do.

Think about including a flow chart to show how things interconnect logically this can also have LEDs to show the progress.

In fact the entire thing could be a wall mounted board with buttons LEDS and a side view picture of a car on it.

how you do it is very much up to you and what resources you can get hold of.

As for how to run it then certainly a programmable micro will be the most flexible.

Depending on where you are:



or Arduino.

I wanted to use Arduino but I think it's not powerful enough for controlling that per-tensioned seat belt circuit.

I buy a lot of things from Ebay, so if I know what to bay that should be a lot easier.