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I want to start a herb garden most used herbs and how best to grow them? Answered



Some good herbs: Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Oregano, Parsley. Many of these have medicinal properties as well. They can be grown in planters outside or in a garden.

I have a decent sized herb garden and a large portion of it is mint, being a beautiful plant, but also very useful but be warned, it grows like a weed, if you decide to plant mint make your choice wisely, your never going to get rid of it. I also have chives and lavender, however I don't know if these are herbs.

Chives and lavender are herbs. herbs are any plant with an aromatic scent and or flavor used to add flavor to food or in medicinal uses. Lavender can be used in Chicken dishes, and also adds nice flavor to tea or cookies. it is also an herb which is used to help a person relax and/or fall asleep by putting a bit of the essential oil or a bag of the flowers under the pillow. Chives have a light oniony scent and flavor which is useful in egg dishes particularly but also else where in the culinary world

I'd add rosemary to the list. It's more of a perennial and kind of woody. Unlike basil, if you don't water it for a week it still looks fine. I just pinch off some end leaves and add to most pasta dishes I make, pizza, etc.

Also, cilantro if you like Mexican food. I love to just throw some in with salsa I buy. And it grows like a weed outside.

Rosemary won't last over the winter in most locales unless you bring it in in the winter. it is a warm weather plant and can't stand frost. However, I've bought one every christmas and can't seem to keep them growing. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I suspect I'm over watering or under watering.

 My family normally plant rosemary and mint.


I personally have a small herb garden, and it is packed with plants.

-Coneflower/echinacea- -echinacia rubifaciens- dies off at the end of each year,
great flowers and very pretty
-Yarrow- -achillea millefolium nice smell fresh, kind of odd when dry, very pretty fronds
-lavender- -lavendula oficinalis- hard to kill, very fragrant, a wonderful plant
-sage- -um, I forget- winters wonderfully, fabulous seasoning and all-purpose plant
-lemon balm- -melissa oficinalis- excellent leaves, smell like ivory soap but more lemony, CUT THE FLOWERS OFF, it propagates like a weed

and I have many more, these are just a few

Basil and Parsley are my favorites to grow and they're pretty easy. All you need to do is plant them in a pot or in the ground and water them every couple of days when the soil gets dry. Then, throw the basil & parsley in the blender with a little olive oil and pine nuts and you have pesto. And, there are thousands of other uses. If you want to get fancy, you can use some of the instructables here for growing indoor herb gardens using soda bottles. Check some stores that sell seeds in your area (if you have any). Usually you can find herb combination packets that have several types of common and easily grown herbs. Then, you can give them a try and see which you really like and want to grow again.

Which herbs are the most important for cooking depends on who you ask. Are you looking for a windowsill, shaded, or full sun garden? Personally, I prefer plants that are very productive and very hard to kill.

  • Basil is extremely easy to grow and (in full sun) and will let you harvest huge crops of leaves. Just keep pinching off small sprigs. Bring it inside before first frost.
  • Sage is much slower growing, but you can use a few leaves right away. After a few years, it will grow into a very tough and useful bush.
  • Chives look like those annoying wild onions that grow in your lawn, and grow just as quickly. You can keep chopping them back and splitting up the clumps into individual plants.
  • Mint needs a year or so to really get started, but will then proceed to cover all the space you give it, and then some.
  • Peppers are fairly easy as well. Find a good productive kind for many little hot peppers. Or for quality over quantity, try the slower-growing but extremely powerful habanero. Peppers are supposed to die in the winter, but mine has spent the last three in a large indoor pot.
  • Ginger is not as productive as these other plants, but the bamboo-like leaves are very attractive. Do not plant broken ginger roots before they have fully scabbed-over.