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I want to start a progect that looks really old, but it's a stone castle like thing. Any Ideas? Answered

it needs to look like it's got parts broken and pillars knokced over and stuff.



Is it small scale or full size? Small scale plaster of paris pillars an be found in cake / bakery / craft  shops - they're used in wedding cake tiers. Small scale walls can be cast using plaster of paris or hydro-cal and rubber moulds which are available from craft shops. Here's a tutorial for wargaming terrain.

If you are trying to make something full size, say a stage set...
1. Go to your neighbourhood carpet stores and ask for the large cardboard tubes - they throw 'em. Also get a bunch of basic cardboard boxes of various sizes.
2. Cut tubes to length - you'll need to research what looks good based on architectural principals.
3. In a large work area with access to clean water put plastic sheet on the floor.
4.Get large bucket /tub household plaster and scrim - it's like open weave sack cloth. Get PVA white glue.
5. Paint all cardboard surfaces with PVA and allow to dry completely. This will stop the next step turning your cardboard into a soggy mess.
6. Mix plaster obeying all hazmat regulations gloves+mask etc. For every gallon of water add 1 cup of PVA glue.
7.Dip the scrim/sackcloth in the plaster mix and build up your rough stone texture on the pillars / cardboard box stone blocks. Think about adding ridges or fluting to the pillars to add visual interest. Allow to dry
8. Fine detail can be added with wall filler, again obey the hazmat guide, and plaster bandage ( brilliant stuff ) .
9. Allow to dry completely and paint to your desired schematic. Add plastic ivy or the real thing.

If it's a permanent structure say for the garden. Go to an architectural salvage company and merrily bankrupt yourself on the folly of your dreams :)

I hope the above is of some use.



You're wellcome, but I'm intrigued, what exactly are you intending to build?


thinking after college build giant meaningless ruins/Garden, insperation SHADOW OF THE COLLASSUS video game!!!1!!!!!!!11 ;P

You can buy beautiful moulds for such things from Hirstarts.com which let you make wonderfully detailed models, in "WarHammer" scale.


That's roughly 1" = 6' or 2.5cm=1m ; )  Though most of the figures are getting close to inch and a quarter.

And at a reduction of 1:60 you are going to notice a 10% error?  Especially when the figures are about 25% off scale?

Yes, I forgot the 'about' in there-I guess you consider 8' tall and 400 pounds to be normal for a human...

Sorry, thinking in two scales at  once : (

Yes, exactly the company I was thinking of. I thought they did more than space hulk, must be moving with the times.

Full size or model?


Traditionally, fake ruins are known as "fancies".

Ideas: Depends on what space you've got to work with, what materials you've got to work with, what budget you've got to work with...