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I want to start making LED art, but have no idea where to begin. Answered

Is there anywhere I can find a very VERY basic tutorial? FAQs? Some dos and don'ts? List of commonly needed tools and materials.... stuff like that?

I would very much love to craft a small outdoor LED art signpost for my tent at a festival next month.

Thank you! Peace and love!


you can take online course about LED art, and you can get more idea in google picture.

You can buy EL wire kits - a battery pack and control curcuit in a box, with a length of the wire attached.

Use clear sticky tape to write your sign in a single, glowing, flowing line.

They sell at the craft store battery powered strings of LED lights to fancy up your science fair illustration board. If you want to wire up your own, use any online "LED calculator" to determine a schematic based on your battery voltage, number or LEDs, the specs for your LEDs -usually 3 -3.2 volts, and tells you the values of resistors required. Soldering is easy to learn, lots of tutorials out there and this is just basic wiring and soldering so good for practice. You can then just punch holes in coroplast, plywood, cardboard, styrofoam, etc and use hot glue to mount your LEDs in your sign. Good luck.