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I want to use expanded Steel Lath as an armature for a sculpture. How much can I (de)form it? Answered

I want to do a panel with "hills" and "valleys,"  making indentations the size of soup bowls, maybe a bit bigger.  Can I "push" or "pull" metal lath that much?  I know I cant do this with hardware cloth, and chicken wire is not robust enough. 



Best Answer 7 years ago

You may be able to do what you want but you'll have to plan ahead. You can collapse it quite a bit but you won't get very much stretch out of it unless you compress it some first then stretch it back out where you want it to grow.

Its pretty adjustable, but be careful, the damned stuff is really sharp !

depending on how strong you need the structure to be why not start with balled up newspaper and over lay that with strips and sheets of paper soaked in 50:50 PVA glue and water.

This can be strong enough to stand on when dry.