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I want to use the dryer to help heat the house? Answered

I want to use the heat from the dryer. How do I keep the smell and lint out?



8 years ago

I don't know of your neck of the woods, but using a dryer to heat the house is in my humble opinion both very expensive and potentially dangerous.

Be careful.

There are heat exchangers that you can use.  Don't try to vent you dryer into the house it will raise the humidity way too much, blow lint everywhere.  If it's a gas dryer it would violate building codes and be very dangerous.

The heat exchanger will fit between your dryer and the outside vent and blow clean inside air across the vent tubing and you will get warmed clean air out.

I tried to find a link to one but didn't.  My neighbor has or had one but we built our houses back in the 80's and don't know where he got his then.

Good luck.

Makezine has an article on building your own heat exchanger, if you can't find one to buy.  I'm not sure how you'd keep the lint from clogging in the heat exchanger fins, though!

That last is the hazard... not just for efficiency reasons, but for safety reasons. Fabric dust and heat can equal clog... or, just possibly, can equal fire.

I suppose you could run the drier's output through a scrubber before running it through the heat exchanger. Or make the scrubber itself your heat extraction mechanism. The trick would be making the scrubber, and heat exchanger, not unreasonably limit airflow.

The heat exchanger I saw was basically a tube within a tube.  The drier vented thru the center tube and the fresh air was pumped thru the outer tube.  So there was no change to the venting of the drier.

I'd be skeptical about how much more heat that extracted than simply pointing a fan at the existing drier vent duct. If you want efficient energy extraction, you need more surface area.

Lemme think about that. I've actually got an idea for a simple scrubber that may be worth trying.

I didn't say it worked very well, I just said it's safer than pointing the drier vent to the inside.

See what you come up with it might be more efficient.

That's interesting. I wonder if US ones are more powerful than UK gas fired driers ? Our regs permit driers to vent straight to the room, provided there is 200 sq in of ventilation.