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I wanted to know how to make a smelting pot? Answered

I wanted to know how to make a smelting pot to melt different mettle's for projects that I want to do. Also, what type of home object would melt at the fastest speed over coal fire? This process would be used to make miniature figures (dragons, swords, etc)  of which I would be able to sell at a market. I have already tried an air dry clay but it broke when I put it in the fire (I used aluminum for the mettle).


Use a tin can, melting lead, tin and maybe zinc. You can melt aluminum in a tin can, but the can only works two or three times before failing ; ( Aluminum doesn't cast small parts very well without a lot of machinery to 'push' the metal into the details.

Start with lead, a blow-lamp and a steel food-can will do lead.


I did a search on the words "casting" and "metal"

and this
was at the top of the list.  It's a good 'ible and is something similar to what you described, making miniature figures out of low-melting-point alloys. I wouldn't worry too much if you cannot find Sugru(r). They don't sell it where I live.  The author says he's made molds from other materials, including [gypsum?] "plaster", and "silicon epoxy".