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I was TEMPORARILY putting in a new harddrive and was wondering if using scotch tape is so ba of being inside a computer? Answered


tape it or velcro just dont soulder it ever!!

I use PVC electrical tape to keep my hard drives in place, works fine.

I wouldn't trust cellophane tape to support a hard drive...if the tape comes loose, you could instantly destroy your drive. However, it shouldn't burn....if your computer gets that hot, then you have bigger problems than a new hard drive. Do NOT try to solder in a hard drive, that would be a BAD idea.

Duct tape will probably support a hard drive temporarily, at least long enough to transfer all of your files. If possible, try to support it on top of the tangle of cables in there, as this will remove some of the strain from the tape. Just be sure not to tape over cooling vents.

Thanks but my computers harddrives are actually upright

My CD drive is held in with scotch tape, and it works fine.

. As CameronSS points out, it's probably not the best solution, but it won't go up in flames. . If you are just installing the drive long enough to copy the data off it, you don't need to tape it down. Just set it on top of the "old" drive. Don't jostle the computer while doing this, of course. . Nylon wire ties or Velcro straps work well.


9 years ago

I think that is aterrible idea, it will burn. You should soulder everything, and if you can't do that I would recomend bringing it in to someone who can.