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I was looking at a couple of older instructables... Answered

Something funky was going on with the intro image notes. See here and here for examples. Is this a glitch? Or did this used to be a feature?


That's happened a while ago, it's been posted in bugs so don't worry about it too much.

I don't see anything funny, where exactly should I be looking?


When you mouse over the image notes, they move up and magnify the pert of the image they are over.

It did it for me today


. This should have been posted in the Bugs forum.

I know, I know. It really doesn't bother me every day like a bug does, so it's not necessary for them to fix it. Plus, I didn't know whether or not it was a bug or a feature.

. I'd classify as something like a cosmetic bug - it's a bug and you can see it, but it doesn't do any harm.
.  I still think Robot would like to know about it. It may be indicative of another problem that needs to be fixed.

That's weird...I jumped a little when the 3rd eye popped up.


Dang - weird.

The inserts are MAGNIFIED images of the underlying picture, and the eye winks.

Hey, just a random bit of info, you just made my 400th comment! Congrats!

Whoa, I've never seen that before. I would lean towards glitch, except for the fact that both have been on staff, and the zoom doesn't seem to be random. Therefore I can only guess that it's a former feature or one they were playing around with and decided not to implement. Only a staffer can probably tell you for sure.