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I was wondering can a melted glue stick be a substitute for elmers glue in slime? Answered



no. The process of making slime needs borax to polyimerise the PVA glue. Nothing else will do the same.


1 year ago

I don't care for slime at all..

No it cannot...

The properties of hot-melt glue and Elmer's glue are too different for it to be considered as a possible substitute. Elmer's is a PVA glue, while hot-melt is a thermoplastic.

If you are looking for an alternative to Elmer's you could also consider a home-made flour or cornstarch based glue recipe, you'll find plenty of examples on Google and YouTube.

I think by "melted glue stick" the author meant for "glue sticks", not glue. I think both won't work anyway...

Ah of course, I think you're right ..the second I saw glue stick I automatically assumed hot-melt glue stick. Where I'm from glue sticks are often just referred to as the brand name "Pritt Stick". But yeah, still won't work.

"Elmers glue" is standard white PVA, nothing special.

I don't think so...