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I was wondering how to build a really high speed dc motor 24,000 rpm any ideas anyone? Answered



Best Answer 7 years ago

Don't try to build a motor like that yourself. It's much easier, more efficient, safer, and cost-effective to buy one.

Try a hobby store, you'll find motors like that used in R/C cars and helicopters.



Building motors is usually a pain in the patootie. I'd suggest buying, unless you have a specific reason for building.

Yes building a real motor, without major investment in workshop facilities isn't really practical.

Note too that a slower motor plus a gear train or drive belt can give you the desired speed. You'll lose in torque what you gain in speed, but you wouldn't get much torque out of a small low-voltage motor running at that speed anyway.

Any time something is spinning that fast, stay out of the plane of rotation and consider safety barriers -- safety glasses at an absolute minimum. Parts can and sometimes do go flying.

Think small diameter armature. If you need more power then stronger magnets and a longer armature.

That's a fairly normal small motor RPM, but how much power do you want ?