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I was wondering if anyone here knows how to make liquid rocket fuel Answered

any ideas thanks bye


get concentrated rubbing alcohol and liquid oxygen, compress them in two different tanks and release and mix the two in a combustion chamber and then have a nozzle direct the gases out
remember to use check valves and flame arrestors so the gases don't mix and ignite inside the pressurized fuel tanks
if you mix the two into one single tank and expect it to work, you will die in a horrible explosion

What is concentrated rubbing alcohol? IPA is IPA, surely?
And how would you source LOX?

the stuff at drug stores is only a few percent alcohol though can't you buy liquid oxygen for welding and such?

I get it with the alcohol, but you could use other fuels. Liquid oxygen boils at -183'C and as such requires specialised storage and transport: not easy to get hold of (unfortunately).

LOX is actually pretty easy to obtain. Sorta scary. Liquids can't be compressed, though, and LOX has a habit of boiling at room temperature, so it's not quite so simple. If you're interested in making rocket motors, the "next step" up from solid fuel is probably a "hybrid motor" using nitrous oxide as the oxidizer. There have even been successful "tri-bird" motors that start as a Nitrous/solid hybrid and then inject alcohol for liquid-fuel operation. Unlike lox, nitrous "self-pressurizes" to reasonable levels (~700psi)

ive heard mixing nail polish remover(acetone)and hydrogen peroxide does sum thing. if u guys know reply

This link ( link ) will take you to a group that has my topic on making a liqued fuel rocket

Question for you..... I really don't want to screw around with it, I just want to further my knowledge..... How is MEK Peroxide used as a rocket fuel? I ask because of the few people I know that work with it, all of them have made a rocket fuel reference. I'm talking of concentrations in the 50-65% range (which is the same concentration used for polyester resin catalysts).

That's a resin of some sort, isn't it? A lot of modern solid fuel rockets (boosters and such) use resins as the fuel, with an oxidiser mixed into the resin while it is still liquid. That makes it easy to shape into the correct cross-section without falling out of the rocket (as powders can), and adds strength to the structure so that less weight is needed on bodywork. I've even heard of rockets using asphalt as a fuel (without the gravel).

Yoink - I've just googled it - MEKP is explosive! It would go off as soon as you started to pump it!

It's what the UK space-programme ran on as well, until the politicians pulled the funding.

I thought all the UK programs ran on lagers and ales?

:-D Don't forget tea and biscuits as well...

What about a catalyst for baking soda/vinegar? Is there such a thing?


Concentrated Hydrogen peroxide...

gasoline, same as Goddard started with.

Yeah, just use gasoline. It's got a great weight/power ratio. And a gazillion times safer (but you could still get yourself killed).


11 years ago

Zincoshine! Or Rocket Candy! Lol. From a book I read called Rocket Boys (true story, made into a movie called October Sky).

They aren't liquid fuels. Fun, though.

I don;t know why, but reading your question made me giggle. Kinda like asking, "Does anyone know how to soak up large amounts of blood?"

Binary liquid fuels? Yes, but you'd have a job getting both liquid components, and you shouldn't try it either.