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I was wondering if, it is possible to use an adrino and apply noise canceling to a hotel room? Answered

im going to conetticon this year and staying in the hotel and people have told me it is very noisy and very hard to sleep so i thought, cars have it i have cheap headphones that have it is there any way to use my stereo system and an adrino to make it a noise canceling hotel room?


To expand on some of the other answers, the Arduino samples too slowly and has too low resolution on its inputs to be effective for this purpose. (you need high frequency sampling to capture the 0-20KHz audio spectrum, and you need high resolution to capture the details)

You really want a dedicated DSP (digital signal processor) chip, supporting semiconductors, ancillaries, and at least one quality microphone to achieve the end goal. Companies that produce noise cancelling audio systems have spent Mucho Buckos (tm) to achieve the end, and in the end, in general use, they're often not as effective as people think they will be, due to a variety of issues.

It's probably not a hobbyist's project imo, and you'd save yourself a considerable amount of work and money by, as was already suggested, a pair of ear plugs.

Arduino is not necessary, it is possible, but it is extremely expensive. I install professional sound systems as a side job, in places like theaters, museums, theaters, etc... and could give you some suggestions if you have about 1/2 a million to spend on it, and about 70 hrs to set it up once you get there.... otherwise, get hearos earplugs.

Just get some good ear-plugs, they'll be much cheaper and more reliable for a start.


Its very difficult on a large scale system to make the cancellation stay in the right place. Its also not possible on an Arduino.