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I was wondering if its possible to make a silencer for a .22 rifle from stuuf found around the house? Answered

I know that there are ways to make silencers for different guns, but i've never seen or even heard of one made for a .22 rifle. I was wondering if its possible to make one ?


Yes t is possible for any caliber... although it is highly illegal to do so in most areas. Please check your local laws before doing this or you could be convicted of a serious felony. Take a water bottle which has a nozzle the fits over the end of your firearm, tape it to the barrel and fire away. Once again, this may be illegal where you live.

i would post an instructable but idk if i would get in trouble or not i know how just out of like washers and all that stuff if you want one find out if i will get in trouble

Thank you all for answering my question.

BUT just to be clear - I NEVER intended on actually constructing one. I've never even owned a bb gun~let alone a .22 rifle (lol). I was just curious :)
But like I said, Thank you very much for answering my question - I really do appreciate it.

Yes, it's definitely possible. It works best with a bolt action or break-over gun. You need to use sub-sonic rounds (like shorts), or the sonic boom from the projectile will give you away. If you need specific info, you can PM me. BTW- If you don't have a Class III permit/license, this is a Federal felony. Hey, we all love to experiment, but you might want to rethink this one.

I've heard of sticking a potato on the end of the barrel and firing through it. Now, silencers are illegal, and not illegal like smoking at age 15, illegal like "possesion of illegally modied deadly weapons and/or paraphrenilia" illegal. Not the kind of thing that you get a ticket for.

If you go to youtube.com and type in homemade gun silencer you should find something. I would have put the video on here, but our computer is to slow and we have dial-up. BLAH!

Yes. Not legal to assemble, but yes, there is.

I'm sure it is POSSIBLE... leagal... probably not. I knew a guy who built one for a paintball gun. worked fantastic. untill he got pulled over and his car searched.