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I will try to be back by Friday 6/13/08 or Sat 6/14/08 Answered

Ok, well I have to take a special shower with this specially skunk oil smelling antiseptic liquid soap, and again in about 6 hours, when I get up, before rushing into the hospital.....Good night all.....be back in about a week or so....


I have a friend from Michigan who wears shorts in January.

The temp just dropped to 40o F here and I am thinking about putting my shorts away for the season :-)

Well, I am not that bad most of the times, although our recent January was fairly mild. I did wear shorts one Dec. however, when I went out on a mountain the day before deer season to check out the trails and find a good place to stand. But that, is a different story.

Welcome back ~~Cotter~~ Goodhart!

Only one more day of driving. I'll be back tonite


10 years ago

IT'S ALIVE - ALIIIVE!! Sorry, Frankenstein moment there... Welcome back, Goodhart, we all missed you! How are you feeling - still damn sore, I suspect?

A bit sore, a bit disoriented (my typing fingers refuse to type correctly and I must type most words at least twice), but mostly a bit breathless. Any little thing makes me feel that way, and sitting in our less then clean living room does it if I don't move.

Hey, Goodhart has a good heart once more. I can lay off the puns with you back! WB :)

Oh but they are so much fun.....especially when you can just imagine the face of the person reading it LOL

I can imagine Kiteman's face at a pun:


Hehe, it's just that this one time when GH made a pun, you went


and I've never forgotten it.

I don't really get it, but it's still hysterical

Look under her eyes, the mascara is the makeup around the eyes, and underneath they have little legs that look like they are running (when a woman's mascara runs, it dibbles down her face)

Umm.... do you like pie?

. He does grow on ya, doesn't he? If you had told me earlier that I would miss his puns, I would have laughed at you ... but I really do miss them.

He does! He really really does. It's funny, the exact same thing is true for me. I miss his puns too! Never thought I'd say that. :D

Hmmn....It seems Nacho and Adrian(*Erhem* Adrianna )will have to team up to fill the void GoodHart left. No one ever likes the back-ups, but you two can pull it off for at least a week........

Just be careful how far you backup....a lens grinder once backed into his machine and made a spectacle of himself LOL

Like the butcher that backed into the hamburger grinder and got a little behind in his work :-)

Long ago, I read a bunch of old joke books, some of them are still funny :-) well, I think so anyways.

You sound just like my little brother, he reads old joke books, trivia books and readers digests...

Remember though, an old joke book for me is from the 30's-40's, while old to him may be more like from the 1960's - '70's LOL

Heh. That's true, that's about the era he reads from...

ah, yes - the BOB jokes ( what do you call someone in a pool with no arms nor legs? BOB ) and the Elephant jokes: ( how do you know if an Elephant has been in your refrigerator? - All the peanut butter is gone and there are footprints in the butter) and the infamous Mommy Mommy jokes: ( Mommy, mommy, I am tired of spinning about in circles ! - Shut up, or I will nail your OTHER foot down too ! ) etc, ad nausium

there were whole books devoted to those "jokes" :-)

Really though, I use past experience more than established jokes . . .

matter of opinion and one's point of view ;-) i.e. how much of a sense of humor one has LOL

Grow on you, eh? You mean like mold ? LOL

Luck? Who needs luck? You'll be fine.

Quietly crosses fingers.

You're right, it wasn't luck I needed.....just one of the best surgeon's in the area....I mean, who want's second best? :-)

Which hospital did you get your surgery done at?

The hospital is called the General Hospital. Downtown Lancaster.

Wa-hay! He's alive! Welcome back, GH - I hope you're sitting up to type? We all wish you a speedy and uneventful recuperation.

Sitting up? Well, I am NOT laying on my chest for sure ;-) and flat on my back is not really doable yet either. Thank you...

Great to have you back! I'll give you 4 days and then the Torah, Talmud, and Mishnah questions resume!!!

Thank you, and well, if I feel up to it, I will answer as best as I can (glad you didn't mention Zohar, I am a little rusty on that and the rest of Kabbalah.