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I win: You win. Answered

That's the name of my proposal. If I win I'm making the laser cutter available to all laser cutter members for free. They will mail whatever they want cut/etched and pay for shipping both ways. What would be your proposal? If it were still required?


You'll have to excuse me, but.....It does sound a lot like you are trying to trick people into voting for you so that you get a free laser cutter with no obligation to carry out on your word of free laser cutting. Not to call you out, but others make a good point that if you really do offer free cutting to anyone who wants it, then you will never sleep! Plus your whole scheme goes against what the competition was set up to do if it is rigged in this way - votes should be placed according to merit and merit alone. I don't think many people here will fall for it. We shall see!

There is no obligation to anyone for any of the potential winners. Vote for whoever you want. But if your into laser cutters and would like to try it out. I'm stating that I'd like to make it available to everyone on here. There are about 350 members on the Laser Cutter group. How many jobs a day could I do? Well I've got about 8 hours a day of free time literally. How fast can you send em? ;)

I see where you're going with this, but I don't think you have a very realistic idea here. You're not taking into account the insane amount of electricity you would use (which would likely add up quickly enough that you would have been better off to just buy yourself a laser cutter) or the time involved. I personally use up to about 25 hours worth of laser cut pieces a week, and I'm just one person. I don't know how many instrucablites there are, but probably enough to keep a free laser cutter service busy 24/7. I appreciate your goal to makeit accessible but that would really be difficult to achieve.

I'd start out with 3 sessions for Laser Cutter contest members who joined the group before contest end. There will be a small group of instructable members that won't even bother I imagine. Those that would take me up on the offer would still have to spend time designing the file on their own time. There are increasingly more files made available online and that would suffice for some. Wilhelms Escher for example. I'd make a sign up list and go from there. Say after a few months things quieted down I'd open it up again. I'd also make all files used available for all. I have plenty of free time and energy to do this. I challenge all potential winners to make it available to Laser cutter contest members.

How many votes do you think this is worth?
You are going to get some people who will rate your Instructable simply because they wouldn't want to miss out, but have got an idea / target?


I dunno really, anyone that realizes they would rather get some laser cutting time than never seeing it again? Lots of cool laser cutter projects out there but not many people have access to the cutter itself.

It seems to me that if that idea really would work it would have been a 'free laser cut pieces at instructables' announcement instead of a contest to win one.

It's perfect for someone that has free time and energy like myself. Most people are busy with their daily lives/jobs to offer volunteer work. It's not for someone with overhead and needs to make ends meet. I need a summer project :)

Maybe it could "live" in the Control Tower - Instructioneers paying for its use at cost + postage, or maybe free for really good ideas from Instructioneers with proven track records. Or maybe I'll be quiet.

. Fantastic! Not sure the judges will go for it, but I like it.