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I won! Answered

Huzzah! I won the prize in the Google Ponoko Challenge. My Instructable about making and printing a Menger sponge took the top prize. Now I'll have a professional version of SketchUp, a year of Ponoko Prime, and over $500 worth of Ponoko credit.

Now, the big question: what should I make? I have a couple of ideas for jewelry for my wife and a toy for my son, but that's not even $100. Anyone have any suggestions?

UPDATE: 3D printing gets expensive quickly the bigger it gets. Exponentially, even. Something that fits in the palm of your hand would be ideal.

This Menger sponge is 1.4" on a side and cost $26 to print (not including taxes and shipping). A 2" cube would cost $77 and a 4" cube would cost $446. And that's the cheapest material to choose from. If it was printed in stainless steel it would cost $195, $650, and $4,013 for the same sizes.

Announcing the Google + Ponoko Challenge Winner



7 years ago

Congrats- that's awesome. When I get my 3D printer finished one of the first things I want to make is a miniature Mars rover. My son has been chomping at the bit to build a robot and we recently watched "Roving Mars" so I thought why not build something really cool like that.

Ah, cool. What 3D printer are you building? A Makerbot?

I actually call it a Multi-bot as it's designed to do CNC milling as well as printing. I really wanted to have it finished by the end of December but it just wasn't going to happen due to my work schedule, etc. I also wanted it to be perfect with all the bugs worked out before I posted an Instructable on it so other people can replicate it.

I started a build log here: http://www.multi-bot.blogspot.com

Ooh, nice. Would love to see it when it's finished.

I'm going like gangbusters on it- it's (hopefully!) going to be a great Instructable. I'm taking lots of photos and drawing lots of diagrams. I'm just really anxious to get it fired up and making parts. :)

print a replica of the all-spark from the transformers series!

How much to get them to print a 3d printer?

reprap mendel has 1110 CM^3, or 67.7 in^3 of printed parts, plus whatever amount of lasercut/waterjet parts. this is just counting parts you could send to ponoko...

What's the biggest sponge you could make?

Not very big. The costs go up drastically. Anyway, just making the same thing but bigger isn't very interesting.

Updated the post with costs for printing the same file at different sizes and materials.



7 years ago

Congrats! Whatever you make, it should be something that isn't possible to make by any other means... Kinda like your Sponge. No use wasting it on something simple!


Exactly. I'm not interested in making that's already out there and is fine as it is. I have one other idea for a 3D fractal, but nothing else in that direction.

Congratulations! Job well done!

Congrats !!!

What about a Hoberman sphere? I don't mean snap-together separate parts. Can Ponoko do sufficiently precise layout that you could print the whole thing, with joints, in one shot? I could imagine leaving little "threads" at the joints to be trimmed off afterward, so the thing holds it shape.

Or a 3D portrait/bust of your wife and/or son? A little creepy, perhaps, but at least it's not a dinner plate :-)

Then I'd be blowing a few hundred dollars to recreate a toy that sells for $20.

I believe that the Ponoko printing is SLS. So you can put pieces inside of other pieces as well. Concentric wire globes, for example. You can have interlocking pieces as long as the gap between them is big enough and the powder can drain out at the end.

We just made some cool silhouettes cut out of wood with the laser cutter for the family. We're all set for that type of stuff right now. :)

Oh, yeah. Congratulations!