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I won a contest more than a month ago. Is my prize on its way? Answered


I won the Sodastream party food contest one month ago, and received my instructables prize pack shortly after, but the main prize (a Sodastream Penguin) has not arrived. Is it still coming?




It arrived and its awesome! Thanks all!

Hurray! Good to hear.
Sorry for the delay, but I'm glad it's now there and awesome. ;)

The merchandise part of the prize usually comes direct from the sponsor or they order it on amazon to ship it out to you. Possible delays are instructables waiting to hear back from all the winners so they can send one consolidated list back to the sponsor and then you have to wait on the sponsor staff to get the prize out. You'll eventually get the prize although you will have no idea when it ships because they do not notify you with a tracking number in case you have to wait at the door to accept packages. One time I forgot I even entered and won a contest and a prize showed up at the door. But do private message one of the staff, better to direct it to the one who sent out the contest notification to see what is going on.

You'd have been better PMing one of the staff - Any time I've won anything I've got it though so don't worry, they'll not leave you out in the cold...

Or try the email addess at bottom-right of the page.

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