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I won a laptop! Answered

I entered a Sony video contest and now I've won a Vaio laptop. It'll be a little while before it arrives, but when it does it will be the first laptop I've ever owned. I have one for work, but pretty much all of my machines have been PC boxes that I've built myself.

I guess this means that I'll finally see what Windows Vista is, or isn't, about.

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Vista is most bad OS version from Microsoft :) XP more stable and faster, you will see :)

If English is your second language, yes - Ivan is Ukrainian.

My native languages is Ukrainian and Russian, and second - English , JAVA, JavaScript and PHP LOL

A genuine polyglot!

(And your English is far better than my Ukrainian, Russian, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP....)

Meh!MY TURKISH IS THE BEST AMONG HERE although there are other turkish users on ibles bunu anlayabiliyosan aferin maşşallah be

To be clear - I mean if PC used for work. For intertainment purposes like watch video, surf the net etc it is cool and I like UI and new features. But vista slow(I have 2G of RAM and average 7600GO card).

and after the year of use it is really unstable :) Sometimes I think to delete it and install XP again, but I think about money - I paid for it when got laptop and would pay for XP.

some computer stores(teknosa® ftw) also install xp if you want

I usually find I have to reformat every year no matter what OS i'm using at the time, it just makes it feel fresher.

IMHO, Vista is only good if you've got Home Premium - Basic is a waste without Media Center and Ultimate chews up systems resources, but Home Premium is a good deal, if you don't mind shutting off some of Vista's background programs.

Hmm... looks like it comes with Home Premium and 4 gigs of RAM.

If you're a media person like I am, I think you'll enjoy it once you tweak the settings a bit.

Business is pretty good too, especially when free.

Ah. Most things seem to be a bit nicer when free.

Ok Vista might not be great but it's not the worst ME was the Worst....... And Congrats fungus enjoy and if you don't like Vista you can always install Ubuntu....

lol, I have a russian friend named ivan, except his last name starts with a P I'm asian, I make soup jokes, he makes rice jokes lolz


9 years ago

vista sux,upgrade it to ubuntu or pardus(beware,http://www.pardus.org is turkish,click the english link first)

what are you gonna do with your treasure?

wow! nice one, i love winning things, what you really need is nice adjustable laptop stand…

. Are you notanotherfilm61? hmmmm. Guess not or you would have mentioned the "Handycam HD camcorder and Bravia® 46-inch HDTV." heehee . Which vid is your's? wandera89, ryansheffer, tonychauzer, sim37p3, or AlexMooney? sim37p3? . Oh! Congratulations! You Da Man!

If you look through them you should be able to identify which one's mine pretty easily. My username makes more sense when it's in all caps.

. Doh! . I guessed right, but the "play on letters" didn't occur to me. Almost embarrassed that I missed that - I usually score very high on pattern matching tests. I just went by which video fit my perception of our beloved fungus amungus best. And the "bandit pumpkin" at the beginning looks suspiciously like Robot.

Congratulations! Good luck with Vista! ;)

Lucky! Congrats

Congrats :-)

I've never used Vista, but I consider it significant that a PC offered as a prize by NASA had Vista installed, but included a free downgrade to XP!

cool, vista is awesome, if you have 2 GB of RAM and a good graphics card

Sweet! Congratulations! Exclaimation mark!