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I won first place! Answered

i just one first place at my sci fair! oh yeah.



so did you find a way to control your motor?


Congratulations !
And yes, a tiny slideshow or an instructable would be cool =o)

What projects got the second and third places ?

With what? You didn't disect babies, did you?

Oh how I want to take apart one of those Home and Family babies.... Last night I had a dream that my friend and I had to take them home again so we took them to the beach and my friend dropped hers in the water by some trees and it stood up and was walking around a tree like a zombie!

I unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to carry one of those (censored) around. Are they bad?

I hate them!! They are freaking PSYCHO! I had to get up in the middle of the night to feed one and I was trying not to drop it while I was trying to get back on my bed and I hit my head on a shelf.

HA! They removed them off the graduation requirement just before I had to take it. I would have liked to get it though, I would have tried to hack it.

Yeah, you could have given it LED eyes, written an Instructable about it and entered it in the LED contest! I wish I had a cat...


Well, I'm interested in an Instructable, or at least, at Slideshow Instructable.

Tell us more.