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I wonder if this can be hacked, paper is expensive. Answered

This seems like a great idea, I guess it's the digital equivalent of the classic polaroid but you have to buy expensive paper to go in it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hacked as in make your own paper for it? Realistically, no. It uses a very specific form of heat reactive paper called ZINK, which utilises tiny crystals that "activate" and form colour when heated specifically. More info.

That said, i doubt it would be compatible with standard heat reactive paper either. i.e. cash machine paper.

you mean the paper from atm machines? Nice idea though.

ATM paper (and other receipts "printed" with heat) are not time-stable - they darken with very little heat, and over time. Screw one up, or leave it in your back pocket when you walk to the shops, and see what I mean.

Polaroid used to make money out of the film-cartridges for the old film cameras (which were rather cheap & unsophisticated) I'd guess that now their biggest margin is on the paper for these cameras rather than the hardware it's self. Expensive because you don't have much of a choice. L