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I wonder what can I do to make her birthday invitations look unique. ? Answered

I'm throwing a party for my daughter who's turning 5 nest month. I wonder what can I do to make her birthday invitations look unique. Some said I should go try printing postcards for that. What do you think?


Postcards are soooooo boring (sorry).

Since its for a 5 year old, why not make "puzzle invitations"? Just go to a dollar store and buy the necessary number of small puzzles (like 20 pieces each). Then print out your invitations and glue each to the completed puzzle. After its all dried you can take a sharp craft cutter and separate the puzzle pieces. You can reuse the box and print a second copy of the invite on the lid (so you don't have to worry if the puzzle isn't perfect), and give the invites that way.

The kids will have fun putting them together and (in my opinion), its a unique way to invite kids to a party!

Hi there! I think you can push through with that idea. Postcards are usually made of sturdy cardboard stocks which are perfect for shipping. Plus, postcards printing is cheaper than having invitations as you don't need to pay for the envelopes. Should you need more design ideas and reliable printing services, I suggest this site: http://www.printrunner.com/postcard-printing.html

Also, post cards are nice because they are cheaper to mail. Just check the rules the post office has on what qualifies as a postcard first.