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I wonder...how could I create an strong electromagnetic field Answered

I want to create a strong electromagnetic field, strong enough to disturb my neighbours tv, he lets it on at full volume bugging me all night, any suggestions are appreciated and Thanks in advance



Best Answer 8 years ago

Electric arcs generate "noise" over a wide range of frequencies, i.e. sparks. But as purduecer correctly observes there are laws regarding this. Also a non-directional device will interfere with everyone's TVs radios etc.
Have you tried speaking to the deaf-get or reporting him to the council?
Would it be practical to retaliate with your own noise when he's in bed?


Build a tesla coil and leave out the radio frequency filters!

If the police say he's within appropriate volume levels, I recommend closed windows, drapes, and other soundproofing, a white noise generator -- and if necessary, earplugs.

rox has a very good point... Anyhoo, a tv-b-gone might work if you have line of sight to the tv. Politely requesting they turn down the tv, or off at night is a good idea. Cite tidbits of info like "it prevents you from sleeping and functioning at work/school/etc". Don't threaten, but simply remind that it is against the law to make an unreasonable amount of noise 'after hours'. Contact your local police (non-emergency) to enquire about the law and how to take action the right way.

+1 to these suggestions.

Buy him a set of headphones and educate him on how much better and easier it is to hear the sound thru head phones. You hear sounds that you've never heard before.

If you generate an EMF strong enough to disrupt your neighbour's tv, what do you think it's going to do to all the electronics in your house?

Well I was thinking of causing the interference just as long as it requires so they turn off the tv

As fun as this may be, creating deliberate interference to incoming signals is against the rules set fourth by the FCC. So you might have the FEDs come a knockin'.