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I work event photography and can't get people to stop photographing the kiosks w/camera phones Any ideas? LED? Software? Answered

There must be something someone can come up with. I can't police every screen. It's hurting business by @20% let alone what the economy is doing to me. I use touchscreens for some systems and laptop screens for others so It must be universal. Some kind of anti photo film? would probably affect the touchscreen? Please help. Thank you for your ideas.


So you are taking pics at events and instead of buying your photos, the punters are snapping camera phone images of your pics instead of buying.

1) Put the pics on a slide show that slowly pans across the photos so they can't get the whole image at once.

2) Display the images on a super slow refresh rate CRT monitor with interlacing so when they take a photo, only half of it shows up.  Have you ever tried taking a picture of a TV?

3)  Frame the picture with super bright LEDs so their photos come out too dark

4) A water mark (like the others suggested) that says "I was too cheap to buy this photo"

computer generated watermarks.

Armed guards? Maybe mirrors to reflect the flash and brighten the picture to much? Make the screens vibrate to blur the picture? Don't show the picture for long, only 10-15 seconds? Kick anyone doing that out of your stand? Tell them its stealing and keep a big red phone labeled "police Contact" near each screen? Just some ideas.

What, you've got displays of photos that you want to protect from being copied?

I think he takes pictures of people, and displays them on screens for people to preview. then if they like them, they buy them.

Jtobako's thoughts on using the photos as advertising actually seems worthwhile, alternatively any well lit stand will make it easy for a phone camera to pick up, either go extremely bright or only lit wel anough for people to see just fine but not phone cameras, meaning it'll roughly halve the amount of decent photos that come out, since a lot of phones are getting better cameras.. What exactly is it that you're losing through them taking photos, the displays being of what?

Big watermarks : ) That way every 'stolen' photo becomes an ad for you.

I beleive there is this thing that you can clip onto your kids keys, and it acts as a cell phone jammer. Perhaps You could add a few transistors for amplification? A lot of IR LED's surronding your pictures and software. This should give a nice light purple picture to anyone who tries. -PKT (Formerly RoAr)

Bright infrared lighting, either LEDs or filtered incandescent bulbs, might do the trick.

But if your customers are sufficiently motivated, they will find a way around any technological solution. Perhaps you can provide enough details that Instructables users could suggest small changes to your business model- a social solution.

If they were using flash photography I might have an idea - like Kiteman asks - what exactly is being 'stolen' from you?