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I would like 5 environmental sensors linked to an Arduino then to my smart phone or an Ipad. Is this possible? Answered

My idea is to have a radiation detector, emf detector, static ion detector, radio wave detector, and temperature gauge going to an Arduino, and it reading all 5 detectors at the same time, giving simultaneous readings of the immediate environment.  The device would give readouts in real time onto my smart phone or an IPAD, recording the data for later reference


How do you propose to get the readings from the Arduino to the phone ? You COULD use an ethernet shield and tweet them to yourself.


honestly I dont know how I would get the readings to the phone. I'm still studying up on the Arduino, Its virgin territory to me. LOL Any input is golden. So thank you for yours sir.

Hi, I'm very interested in arduino and any weird applications that I can find and this a very interesting process. I am not familiarized with the sensores that you have, but you can definitely connect them into the arduino. Arduino has 6 analog pins that you can use. the most important part would be creating the sensors to fit the voltage range from the Arduino.
Also you can just create a sketch in Processing to get communication with your arduino. From processing there is a way to create an app for Android (I haven't got into it yet but it is possible) and from there you could just plug your arduino to your smart phone and let the magic begins.

Arduino it is pretty is to program it you know C.

Hope this info helps, let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with

Sounds to me like your making a tricorder :D

I havent ever worked with the arduino but I have built a couple data acquisition setups for a laboratory. The way we build such a setup is as follows:
1. select and install your sensors
2. attach amplifiers as required (for thermocouples for example)
3. connect all these to a data acquisition board (we use national instruments)
4. connect the DAQ via usb to the computer
5. program your data processing and user interface (we use Labview, also from NI)

These can be used directly or fed to a website to be controlled via any webbrowser from anywhere.

I suppose you could draw a parallel from the DAQ/PC to an Arduino/Ipad but would require significantly more skill and probably significantly less investment