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I would like to buy a laptop shortly but i dont really know whats important to look at when I buy one ! plz help me...? Answered

I would use the laptop for:
- internet
- multimedia such as video, music, pictures,... no games
- heavy software such as Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, Fl Studio,...
- for school (microsoft word, excel,...)

i dont really know whats important about the processor, should i choose intel core i5 or i7
is the video card important to me,, i dont want to use my laptop for playing games
do I need a big ram size ? how big must my HDD at least be ?
i have about € 600 for the laptop (864 USD)

thanks for reading this, i hope someone can help me !!


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HELLO! I couldn't help but notice that you were a biut stranded on the type of laptop you should buy. Well, if you haven't bought one yet then I would suggest you buy the new and very fast Dell Latitude D620 Laptop. It has 750GB memory and 4GB dual core but I would not like you buy from anyone because I have a friend that sells this laptop and is willing to offer you a three year warranty and returns are accepted within 60 days. Expedited shipping is also available! For all these, the laptop only costs a mere 409 DOLLARS which is half your budget on it. Let me know if you want it by sending me an email to aloiskibe@yahoo.com or nsk19alois@gmail.com and I will inform my friend to send it to you immediately.

thanks man but my parents just wont let me buy a laptop from abroud, brut thanks anyway for the reply !

Anyway, whenever you need one, just ask me. BTW, there is never a problem by buying things from abroad. Everyone is doing it. Besides, if anything goes wrong, you can call me. Just try and persuade her until she understands that you really need this amazing laptop at a very cheap price.

for the stuff you want, you need a dual core. dont waste your money on an i5 laptop because you dont need that much power. right now i am using a:

dell vostro
1720 series.

these go for about £300-£500. it has a dual core processor, 3 gb of RAM,
and a very dedicated graphics card. (nvidia Gforce 9200) you can run COD: black ops on that, but not at full speed. for the things you want, it will run easy,

Get at least 4 gb of ram, 1tb of hdd, and uefi. The top three things I look at when I buy a computer.

Actually go with a high end i3 or low end i5 to get the price you want.

And what screen size do you want. I'd go with a 15 in screen.

I5. Yes get 4 gigs at least.Yes the video card is pretty important. It renders to pictures go with one 1 or 2 steps up from the base card. And 500 gig hd it may sound like a lot but it's pretty standard. I will browse some sites and send you what you can get for that money.