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I would like to have a pattern or something to help me make a t-shirt a little dressier? Maybe a different neckline? Answered

I woud like to find a way to dress up my $4.00 new t-shirt. I have seen scarfs or collars on t-shirts at craft fairs but I have forgotten how to do it and how it looks. Maybe someone can help me?


use duct tape. you make a cool design or just add a border or something

there's this totally awesome book called 'save this shirt'... everyone should get it. it's just what u need, it shows u how 2 make regular T-shirts incredible. look it up on the internet, bcuz i dont think u can get it a regular bookstores.

Search for Generation T. 100+ things to do with T shirts.

You can buy collars at a fabric store - generally either lace collars, up to as fancy as you'd ever want; or ribbed polo-shirt-type collars, which could be a pretty cool look - especially in a coordinating or a contrasting color - on a simple t-shirt. There are is also simple trim (called "gimp" in the trade) that you could add to the neckline for a lacy look. (Always get a couple inches more than you think you'll need - better to be safe....) What I would do to apply either of these would be to carefully remove the ribbed crew-neck collar from the t-shirt; and then lay the inner edges of the t-shirt and the collar or trim right on top of each other, wrong sides together, and sew by hand with a whipstitch or overcast stitch. This will make the inner edge of the collar stand up a little when you turn it right side out, giving it some of that "collar-ey" feel. Godd luck with your project - hope this helps!

If it's more than two sizes bigger than you and you are flat chested or male, cut off the sleeves, and then stitch it on the outside all sorts of interesting diagonals. If you're into the corset thing, start all the diagonals at the center in the bottom in the front and back, and then make them like a fan from there. Then cut the neck out like a scoop neck and add bias tape around the edge. Halter top: put the big image on the front. Cut out a halter top (basically an upside down trapezoid) Use some stiff fabric (brocade etc) ironed and folded like waistbands, to edge it and make the behind-the-neck and waist ties. Wear it and wait for the people to fall off their bikes.