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I would like to have an industrial sewing machine motor operate on a removable and rechargable battery. Answered

I am in need of a rechargable battery operated industrial sewing machine motor. I would like to be able to switch from the battery to AC power when needed. Use battery when in the field and AC back at the shop. Typical sewing machine motor is: 2 poles, 130 cycles 50/60, 1.0 amps, 90 watts. It would be great if the battery would last 1.25-1.50 hours per charge and be removable to install a fresh battery and be charging the spent one. Thanks.


How about converting it to use a cheap battery drill motor ? 1.) Battery operate : check 2.) Speed controllable : check 3.) Works in the shop (12V PSU from old PC ???) : check. design win.


7 years ago

Thank you. I'm going to start working on this idea. Thanks, again.