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I would like to know how a "hand crank" ice cream maker works. Answered

I want to build a hand crank ice cream maker. I've been searching all over and haven't found any information about how this great antique machine works or how to build one. Would appreciate any information!


You stir the mixture in a cold-bucket. The stirring prevents big ice-crystals from forming.
Chilled-container & stirring is all you need.


Think of it as a butter churn inside a bucket of ice/salt. There are also a ton of pics here that could maybe help you figure it out.

On most of the but not all of them the dasher is a slotted paddle in the center of the can that acts as a stirrer. It is usually stationary. When you turn the crank it rotates the canister of ice cream mix. Turning the can instead of the dasher keeps the ice/salt mixture stirred up so that it is always very cold against the can. The salt causes the ice to melt faster there by absorbing more heat and making the slush colder.