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I would like to make a batman costume made out of plastic and rubber.give me some ideas on how to make it. Answered



7 years ago

there is an easier way . take foam mats .... the kind you put on the floor and they interconnect . carve the shapes you want and glue them with crazy glue . Buy a product called plastidip . you can buy a spray on or brush on type . It will accept any color paint that is meant for plastic ..... the stuff is $20 to $25 a can but it has millions of uses .... automotive , you name it .weatherproof. It is the material you see every day ......it coats your tool handles for better insulated grip !!! Have fun , you can never run out of ideas for it .


8 years ago

For rubber: Carve the shapes. Coat them in mold release. Paint them with liquid latex, building up layers until they reach the thickness you want. Paint.

There are Instructables which demonstrate how to do this, I believe. I know there are websites which do so.