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I would like to recycle old laptop parts into an RV dvd player. 12 V, sound, DVD drive, and LCD - perfer no OS. Answered

So I've seen tons of projects to turn an old laptop into a video picture frame. But all of them assume you are going to essentially just re-box the PC into a different case. Which is fine, but really way more capability than I want and as a consequence, probably way more power hungry than I'd like it to be. This is for off the grid entertainment using only the 12V power in a proposed camp trailer rehab. So, I don't want to use it as a PC and don't want to boot it up if I can avoid it. I just want to put a DVD in the drive (that works just fine) and have it play on the LCD (a wide format 1280 res) and output the sound to the speaker jack.

I'm quite sure this can be done. It's probably easy. I just don't even know what I don't know.



8 years ago

The DVD drive needs something (digital electronics) to move the data into a memory area where (digital electronics) decode the data. Then the screen needs some more digital electronics to feed the decoded video, and the sound system needs the audio-data unpacked, converted, amplified and outputted to speakers.
A laptop with it's various components will do this, but it needs most of them to function, including CPU, GPU, RAM, audio northbrige, southbridge etc...
A DVD player will be a bit more efficient, but where I'm going with this is:

"No, you can't just connect a drive to a screen, it's not easy, it's impossible"



Answer 8 years ago


Reboxing might be the best solution - I would recommend an extremely light linux distro with everything stripped out to reduce os overhead, then you can underclock the cpu so its 'just' capable of dvd and gps...etc.


8 years ago

As L. says, it's not really worth it. You can recycle the DVD drive into a mini-ITX based system - these guys in the UK stock the most amazing range of bits to build little PCs and we use them a lot at work.