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I would like to set up a simple LED light show using 6 to 8 rgb led's Answered

i'm not too good with electronic and as i was searching throught this website i came accross and instructable that was using the parallel port of a computer. Sounds nice but i do not have a parallel port on any of my 4 computers (2 mac and 2 pcs)

What would you recommand for me as a starting point for this project?

oh by the way by "led light show" i mean it could either react to music or simply be a random pattern or both.

It can be controlled by a computer or a micro controller.

Any suggestions?


Websearch "LED color organ". Analog filters can do the job just fine, and will probably be cheaper.

 Apparently a USB to parallel convertor would work with this project because it implies some drivers or something.
Plus i did bought one just to be able to use an old printer (not so old though) and it didn't work because i'm set up under windows 7 (didn't work either on my mac osx) 

i'll look over for LED color organ !

You could buy a USB to parallel convertor.... then continue with the instructions from the instructable that you found. They're fairly cheap, £5-10