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I wrote this song, does it sound like anything? Answered

I wrote this song like 5 mins before I taped this. so there are plenty of mistakes in it.

Question is, does it sound like another song you've heard before?...... I can't really tell...... and i hate it when songs are too similar.

What do ya think?


Reminded me of a johnny cash song at first I like. good though. I can play jingle bells, ooh and that little green bag one off resivour dogs.

I didn't think about Cash until I read your comment.

It kind of reminds me of that last single he did before he died ... er ... Hurt:

Don't let that detract you from sticking with your own piece, though, especially since this comment is coming from somebody who can't carry a tune in a bucket.

No longer available...but I'm guessing it's the NIN song he covered.

CC: Your song is of a style, but it's not unusual that you write songs that are similar to what you enjoy.

But songs tend to pull you in other directions as you record them. Might begin to sound very different once you really work on it..

Oh, yeah, I forgot. It sounds good to me.

Maybe I'll repost it after I get some words and a better feel of it

Don't be disheartened though, I only said it reminded me of that song doesn't sound like it, kinda the same way pizza reminds me of an acne victim, don't look the same and sure as hell don't taste the same....believe me!

i dont know what i reminds me of, but it reminds me of something, other than that its pretty good, kinda repetitive though,


10 years ago

its pretty good. if you played on an electric, it might be a little easier to see if sounded like another song. still, good job.

Cool! Great job! Nice video!!