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I you come online on Instructables what do you do? Answered

 If you come online on instructables what things do you do and in what order?
par example, what I do is:
-first check new things of subscribtions
-then check comments and inbox
-then check all recent knex stuff
-If I wanna say something I post comment or a forum topic


firstly, i always look in my windows live inbox too see if there are any commments or new things on ibles... if so, i click on the comment and answer it :-D than i check my subscriptions, and than im going to look for some guns to make!

When I get on instructables I check my new comments and reply to them. Then I search around for something I like, [that has to do with K'nex of course].


1 Go to my page, 2 Check Comments 3 Reply to Comments 4 Check Subscription Updates 5 Screw Around.

first i check my comments then i post on fourms and at last check the recent things

and no mr muggle i did not copy urs

Well seeing how I get emails, depending on which emails come first I check my PMs and comments.
The next thing I do is search up for recent K'nex weapons to see if anything good came out. Then I drop by the forums to see if anything special pops up there. Finally, I check out the answers section. Occasionally I may check some of my ratings in between but I'm starting to care less and less.

There should be an option to disable ratings like YT has.

First I check my comments.

Then I post stuff on the forums.

Then I go to the "recent" page and laugh at all the sucky designs being posted by noobs.

Then I just stay and be bored for up to 6 hours straight.

why you wondering creep?!! lolz


1* i check my private messages

2* i click "you" to check any subscription updates, or comments          

3* i check for ratings on my instructables (in my case, just one)

4* i leave this website and either go to youtube, yahoo, or rc-help.webs.com

In order of clicking

- recent
- featured
- forums
- answers
- you (for checking if some of my answer got chosen best answer, looking if somebody made comments somewhere and any new updates of members I subscribed to)

-comments & inbox
-subscription updates
-Answers page
<much too much time passes>
-Recent Pro submissions
-Featured & Popular

I have no idea. How did we get here again?

How did we get where? Are we somewhere? I forget sometimes....

It's not that bad. I haven't posted any Instructables recently, so most of my comments are on Answers anyway. I don't get much stuff in my inbox, so that doesn't take much time at all. I check what's new from my subscribees thoroughly, but I don't usually comment unless I have something productive to add (as opposed to Answers, where I find myself compelled to comment on tons of stuff - sometimes productively, but frequently just lame jokes). The rest I just skim to see what looks interesting based on the the title and thumbnail.

 your comment page your inbox then answers then recent pro members then so on

Check for comments to comments I've made.

Check for new questions.